Online Classes

These online classes pose as a great challenge to every one of us teachers who are suddenly far from our physical school classrooms but conducting classes in front of our computers. We have laptops and desktops to hold on to continue with our jobs to give proper education to our students.

Learning  the new tools of our job as well as adjusting to the various concerns of our students enable us to keep on our toes and be abreast with the trends of our online classes.

One particular thing in online classes is that you have to be on your keyboard at the scheduled time of your class. When you are at home conducting classes, your only problem is sleepiness. It's so comfortable to lie down on your bed but get up the moment your schedule is nearing. What if you succumb to your sleepiness and slumber your way to dreamland?

When you're out of your house and be somewhere like attending to clients or having a meeting with colleagues, it is so handy to bring with you a laptop, even a notebook, leaving behind your more convenient and faster desktop. With it, especially if your operating system is Windows 10, you can easily connect to your cell phone's data connection and conduct you classes on it even if there is no wifi nearby. Just a strong phone signal and substantial loads will make you go through those classes, at least in the meantime. It is called tethered connection which is very handy when confronted with the situation stated above.

There is so much that you can do with Windows 10. I am guided by the authority on the subject. Be with me in checking the magazine: "Windows 10 For Beginners - June 2020". Download it from this link


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