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Cloud Computing

Do you have concerns on where to store your data when faced with limited storage hardware such as hard disk and flash drive and memory card? You don't have to worry this time. Your prayer to store your files is answered by the cloud. Yes cloud. It's the buzzword nowadays. Cloud is so encompassing a word when it is connected with technology. You may not know it, but cloud is now already serving everyone. Facebook for example uses cloud to store all our data, to name a few. So let us just focus on our main concern, the storage. When before, as we accumulated so much data on our computer, we dreamed to invest on additional storage hardwares to cater to our ever growing penchance to produce and create data. With that behaviour in mind, tech companies race among each other to provide solution to that need without their clients buying storage hardwares for themselves. They make clouds. And there are already handful of them offering initial gigabytes of storage free of charge. All you