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Let’s Make A Story

        I always dreamed of being a writer, of stories. At my age now, it remains a dream with nowhere a  fruition in sight. At times I attempted to doing it, but I was dumbfounded with the prospect of so  many variables to consider in writing, even a short one. Added to it is the luxury of time to do it   given the fact that I was so busy, and still am, with the very important business, of living.     Knowing for a fact that a story must have to be formulated around the important elements of setting, character, plot, conflict and theme and not even mentioning some garnishings of tone, style and point-of-view, I hesitated countless of times when I was about to do it, until I surrendered desperately.      For instance, pondering upon a principal character, who must be a male, since I am a male. What must be the trait of this male character so that someday even without much effort, a beautiful, kind, and rich lady could fall in love with him? Is he poor or rich? Is he intell

Masks Save Us

It was dreadful to let anyone inside an establishment with masks, specifically in banks. More so if there are several of them. They could be robbers in disguise. In the new normal, all of them should get inside wearing masks. It’s most dreadful if one of them don’t. It is just a matter of time that this situation could be taken advantage of. There may now be planning and plotting on ways to stage a “Money Heist” due to financial stress. The quarantine experience may have temporarily contained an unseen enemy, but it is also a direct punch on the face of economy. People lost their jobs and their earnings. No wonder people are desperate. Photo Credit: Charlie Campbell, “The Middle Kingdom Reopens”, Time International Edition, May 25, 2020 The authorities know this. They are, to their credit, addressing both fronts – economy and health – in delicate balancing act with the limited resources they have. Some of these authorities put masks on their faces to hide their inc

On Trying Something New

Hello guys. Bear with me, I'm new here. I'm trying my hands on this newfound blogging platform. Just as everyone wants to try something new, I am as curious to delve into this, as a way to express what's on my mind by posting something which at first seems irrelevant, but mind you, this may soon gather substance. Be careful for now everyone as I will be contemplating on what to post in here, my newfound home.