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On Reading Novels

My first foray into paperback reading was when I had my college summer classes at CMC Kidapawan. During those times, except attending to my classes and helping on the household chores of my auntie Maria, I had plenty of vacant time, so it was kind of boring. I remained bored to death until I got hold of a paperback owned by my aunt. It was an old John Grisham novel I uninterestingly picked up at the shelves of my aunt's room. I glimpsed at the flipside of the cover at first without any intention of reading it. I grudgingly flipped every page with all the intention of returning it to the shelves afterwards, barely reading its contents. Black printed letters on a white paper was so unappealing to me. When I reached the middle of the book, I decided to read a little. I came across the portion where the author described a woman of interest of the main character. It struck me how printed words could enable the reader's mind to imagine and picture vividly a person, a place or a situa